Our mission is to help organizations move past the limitations of spreadsheet budgeting with a powerful, integratable management tool built on the Salesforce platform.

Since 2012 CloudBudget experts have been assisting organizations of all types to better budget and plan. The business challenge we set out to solve is the same one we continue to confront today – Spreadsheet Budgeting.

Many organizations need to upgrade their planning process and the logical solution was and is to move it to the cloud. So we designed a solution that affordably leverages the strengths of Salesforce and the force.com platform and called it CloudBudget.

Today CloudBudget is fully Lighting, but the core benefits are the same. The CloudBudget application helps organizations with consolidation, workflow control, validation, permission control, reporting, integration and other basic budgeting and business management needs.

The Force behind CloudBudget...

Salesforce and the Force.com Platform

CloudBudget has been a Salesforce AppExchange Partner from the beginning. Our aim is to align with the world’s fastest growing and leading business management Cloud platform. The Salesforce force.com platform has given us the flexibility to easily integrate with other AppExchange business applications including Salesforce CRM, Accounting Seed, and others. 

Salesforce gives us the means to solve common budgeting pain-points via a platform organizations can can conveniently use to build integrated management systems. Something that is a clear global trend and one that makes it possible to employ AI solutions going forward.