A Large Scientific Research Organization Moves Budgeting to the Cloud

Organization Overview:
A prominent healthcare industry organization specializing in the advancement of and education in the field of internal medicine research manages a complex budgeting process with over 80 budget owners, including department directors and program managers. The organization supports extensive activities and initiatives through nearly 200 separate budgets.

Before partnering with CloudBudget the organization struggled with maintaining an efficient and transparent budgeting process. They needed a robust solution capable of handling their intricate structure and specific requirements.

Solution Implementation 
CloudBudget customized a solution specifically tailored to the organization’s needs. Our platform was fully integrated into their existing structure, enabling streamlined budget management for all users across various departments. This approach provided a clear view of all budgetary aspects, facilitating better planning and allocation of resources.

Integration with Certinia (formerly FinancialForce)
One of the key features of the implementation was a seamless, automated integration with Certinia. The integration with Certinia allowed the organization to automatically import actual data daily from their accounting system directly into CloudBudget. This feature enables the tracking of budget versus actual expenditures in real-time, enhancing financial accuracy and oversight.

Via the use of CloudBudget and a tight integration with Certinia, the organization now efficiently manages its complex budgetary framework. The daily data feeds and regular exports to Certinia have empowered their financial team to conveniently conduct detailed analytics and maintain accuracy in their accounting system. The ease of use allows them to rapidly set up their org-wide budget for the upcoming financial year beginning on April 1st.

Moving Forward
The organization continues to utilize CloudBudget, benefiting from the tailored features and integrations that support their large-scale operational needs. The partnership has allowed them to not only streamline financial processes but also to enhance strategic decision-making, paving the way for further advancements in their vital scientific research and advocacy.